Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World AIDS day

It's world AIDS day and HIV prejudice is still an issue in the UK. The UNAIDS website has harrowing statistics about the rapid growth and spread of the disease. Prevalence in sub saharan africa continues to be a major issue. Wei Lai hopes that today will bring greater attention and awareness of the disease and support for those suffering directly or indirectly as a result of HIV infection. Education can go a long way to reduce the risks of transmission.
To help raise awareness the independent newspaper is running a special edition today edited by Elton John.

China- Construction of Mangrove Square of Fangchenggang City (ADB)

A prequalification opportunity has arisen for a major construction project in China.

Further information is available on the UKTI website:

Invitation for Prequalification is open for the construction of Mangrove Square of Fangchenggang City, part of the Guangxi Southwestern Cities Development Project

Contact wei lai for mandarin and interpretation needs. Our introduction to Chinese Business Culture will also provide a good basis in understanding the Chinese way of doing things.